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Discover our Driver ID peripheral add-on
Discover our Driver ID peripheral add-on

The perfect tool to identify drivers of shared vehicles.

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Track individual drivers with Driver ID

RAM Tracking Driver ID is an essential feature for customers with vehicles that are not permanently assigned to a single employee to keep track of individual driver profiles.

How does Driver ID work?

A simple tag reader is affixed to your vehicles dashboard. Each driver is given their own magnetic key fob (shown below), which, when placed on the reader, registers the driver in that vehicle recording all completed trips and activity to your individual driver.

Driver ID Reporting

The driver id feature provides you with the ability to identify drivers when vehicles are shared making it possible to generate reports on drivers as well as vehicles.

Driver ID can also be used to differentiate between business and personal mileage. If, for example, you allow trusted employees to use your vehicles at the weekend or evening for personal use, you may not want to include this as "business" mileage.

Additional options also include a privacy switch which allows you to record the mileage after working hours without revealing where the vehicles have been, protecting the driver's right to privacy in where they are going but still give the essential information of the distance travelled (and subsequent fuel consumption) in order to correctly calculate tax for HMRC.

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