Job Scheduling Features

Learn more about the upcoming features of our soon to launch Job Scheduling.

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Discover how we see Job Scheduling to become even more powerful over time with potential features listed below.

Potential Features


Adding regular customers

Save time populating job templates by having a customer address book of repeat customers to choose from.

Bespoke print layout for forms (logos etc)

Complete digital forms in the driver app, but produce an professional looking PDF to send to customers (logos, bespoke layout, industry standard forms).


Provide quoting as a specific type of job to allow drivers to complete an estimate of time and materials potentially by using a specific quote job template.


Ability to issue an invoice following completion of a job, prepare a breakdown of the time and materials (similar to a quote) to produce a customer facing PDF to be issued to a client, containing instructions on how to pay.

Automated notifications (email, push)

Internal Notifications:

  • Push to driver when a job assigned / changed

  • Push to Job Admin when driver updates the status of a job

Customer Notifications (email / SMS? (paid option)):

  • Comms when a job is scheduled to a timeslot

  • Comms when a driver is on his way

  • Comms when a job is completed

Driver ETA’s live trails

Allow customer to track the driver location e.g. when their job is the next in the list or for a certain time period.

Route planning optimisation

Allow the Job Administrator a geographical view for job scheduling of job and real time view of driver locations to generate the most efficient allocation and ordering of jobs. Send these jobs / routes to the driver to follow in a particular order.

Timesheet management

Provide timesheets for drivers, by allowing them to clock in for the day, travel time to jobs, time on the jobs etc, clock off for the day. Some form of timesheet reporting in the back end.

Reports & Dashboards

Provide an overview and reporting of key metrics within the system, e.g. number of jobs by status, by type, clients, time on the job, timesheets etc.

Accounting Package Integration

Integrate with most commonly used accounting software (Zero, Sage, Quickbooks etc) to sync clients, invoices, payments etc.

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