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Need help setting up your Queclink GL501MG Asset Tracker
Need help setting up your Queclink GL501MG Asset Tracker
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Queclink GL501MG Asset Tracker


The Queclink GL501MG Asset Tracker is a rechargeable battery-powered asset tracking device that can be configured to either report on a scheduled basis (1 ping per day) or as a scheduled ping and movement tracker.

You can expect a battery life of roughly 6 months when you are receiving only 1 ping per day, however, if it is a movement tracker also, the battery will last a shorter time. For example, 2 pings per day would reduce the battery to roughly 3 months.

The device has waterproof IP67 compliance and is therefore suitable for outdoor external use, however, sensible consideration must be given to try to protect the device from the elements that could affect or damage the device.

Method of installation

As your Queclink GL501MG is self-powered there is no wiring requirement

  • Where is the best mounting position for where you are mounting your asset tracker

  • Think about reasonable sight between the satellite and tracker for the GPS to work effectively

  • Choose an appropriate bracket for mounting the equipment, what will best work for you?

Admin configuration (event mapping)

When it comes to a standard installation scenario, (one scheduled ping during the day) the GL501MG does not require any additional setup within admin. This is because it is only sending positional information at a scheduled time.

You can also set up an alert when the battery reaches 10% so you know when to recharge the device.

How to set up battery % alerts:

  • Start by clicking ‘RAM Evolution’, then ‘Event Alerts

    RAM Tracking options in the web app - Event Alerts is highlighted in a red square with a red arrow pointing at it.

  • When it is configured for scheduled ping and movement, the event description for “Ignition On/Off” would be better remapped to “Journey Start/ Journey Stop” to better reflect their use in an asset tracking situation.

  • This alert description can be manually amended in the “Edit Unit Details” section of the admin portal.

    Event Alerts mapping showing that when the Internal Battery is Low for the vehicles regardless of time and day patrick bolland will receive it at his email.

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