Case studies: AMCO Construction

Learn how AMCO Construction benefits from RAM Tracking.

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"RAM Tracking continues to be our supplier of choice"

AMCO, a Yorkshire-based construction company now has a total of 150 units installed by RAM Tracking. We talked to AMCO’s Transport Manager about why they installed RAM fleet tracking and the benefits to their company.

“RAM integrated seamlessly with our existing operation”

RAM came to demonstrate their fleet tracking system to us after our IT department had looked at it and tested it to make sure it would integrate with our operating procedures. The RAM team were very proactive in ensuring we had all the information we needed to make a decision, as well as demonstrating its ease of use, efficiency and how it has helped other clients.

“RAM Vehicle Tracking continues to be our supplier of choice”

Being an excellent product that continually delivers, supported by a fantastic service and free development updates, RAM is our supplier of choice for telematics on our fleet. Although we experienced some resistance from a few of our employees, this was quickly dispelled when the benefits were explained to them.

“We ensure our drivers take the most cost efficient routes”

We are able to track where and how fast our drivers are going, whether they are using the most cost efficient route, locate vehicles and divert crews to urgent jobs quickly and efficiently, and use the system as evidence to refute speeding or accident allegations. RAM currently tracks 98% of our fleet, however we have every intention of this becoming 100% very soon.

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