RAM Live Media Hub 2 - Smarter Fleet Protection

Model: MFL-2CN4H01

Product includes :

  • Power harness

  • GPS antenna

  • 4G antenna

  • Dual lens camera

Media hub features:

  • Twin Camera Connected DVR

    1080P video and GPS tracking

  • RAM Live integrated

    Video, snapshots, tracking, alerts, and diagnostics

  • Twin 1080P camera channels

    Multiple camera configurations for all vehicles and sectors

  • 250 hours video storage

    *Long term video storage for enhanced fleet protection

  • Fast 4G LTE media upload

    Up to 10Mbps media and data upload speed

  • Precision GPS and G-force sensors

    Integrated sensor package for event detection and monitoring

RAM Live Media Hub 2 - MFL-2CN4H01

Dual screen-mounted cameras. Recording times vary depending on device configuration.

Device dimensions:

Device specifications:

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