Why have I been charged?

We understand that receiving unfamiliar charges can be upsetting. We’re here to guide you on what you can do if this happens.

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Here are some common reasons why you may have received a charge from RAM Tracking:

You may have been charged a administration/documentation fee

All RAM Tracking agreements have a documentation fee. An administrative/documentation charge or fee is charged to cover costs associated with opening your RAM Tracking account and handling an agreements paperwork. This is a one-off fee and is not per vehicle.

You may have more than one RAM Tracking account

You may have more than one RAM Tracking account and the charge was from your other account. This usually happens when you’ve signed up with a second company.

If you’re unable to find the account being charged, please see the bottom of this article to contact our finance team.

Authentication charge

For users RAM Tracking performs authentication checks. Because of this, you may notice small charges in your bank statement (between 0.01 and 0.99). These payments will be refunded.

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