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Self install vehicle tracker
Discover plug and play (OBD-II) vehicle tracker compatibility
Discover plug and play (OBD-II) vehicle tracker compatibility

Find out more about the compatibility of your fleet vehicles with our OBD-II unit.

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The ODBII unit is compatible with most vehicles manufactured in 1996 or later.

The following vehicles are not compatible:

  • Vehicles from 1995 and older—OBD-II standards were implemented in 1996, so older vehicles cannot accommodate the OBD Reader.

  • Electric-only vehicles.

  • Ford Diesel engines 1996-2003 are incompatible.

When you install a ODBII you can use the CarMD port finder, the tool checks the compatibility of the vehicle.

Showing how you can use the OBD Port Location to search for your vehicle and how it shows you where the OBD-II Port is

Do not attempt to put the vehicle tracker into a vehicle without checking that it is compatible first. If the vehicle is not compatible, contact support.

For more information about installing a OBD-II unit, read the installation guide.

RAM Tracking shall have no liability whatsoever for any damages that arise from, or are connected with, your use of our services, including the vehicle tracker, in a manner contrary to these instructions or in violation of law and/or our agreement.

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