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RAM Tracking announce the acquisition of Asset Monitoring Solutions (AMS)
RAM Tracking announce the acquisition of Asset Monitoring Solutions (AMS)
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In October 2020, RAM Tracking (“RAM”) acquired Asset Monitoring Solutions (“AMS”), a UK based SaaS-enabled telematics business with an installed base of 23,000 units across a largely SME customer base.

The AMS acquisition represents a significant step towards RAM realising its ambition of becoming the clear number one operator in the UK’s growing SME telematics market.

RAM’s total installed base now stands at over 105,000 contracted units which generate revenues in excess of £15 million. As part of the transaction, RAM also invested in AMS’s nascent US operation, thereby providing it with access to a new and highly attractive telematics market. AMS was founded in 2002 and is based in Ipswich. Its founder, Stuart Budd, is remaining with the business to help support the integration of the UK business and manage the US operation.

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About RAM Tracking
Headquartered in Leeds, RAM is a market-leading telematics business with operations in the UK,Canada and USA. Its unique and innovative SaaS proposition provides its predominantly SME client-base with a wealth of valuable data and reporting to help manage their fleets more efficiently. The business has grown significantly in recent years and today has over 105,000 vehicle tracking devices and cameras.

Note: If you’re looking for data about the nation’s vehicle tracking, speeding habits or fleet management, please feel to contact for all media enquiries.

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