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RAM Tracking customer marketplace explained
RAM Tracking customer marketplace explained

The marketplace is where you’ll find offers and discounts secured by RAM Tracking, save money on your business services.

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The RAM Tracking customer marketplace is where you’ll find a collection of exclusive offers provided to RAM Tracking customers. It contains both offers from RAM Tracking, and from other companies.

RAM Tracking Marketplace homepage showing the available offers that RAM Tracking customers receive

To access it, just click on the marketplace icon in your product selector:

RAM Tracking web-app homepage with the product selector clicked showing how to get to the RAM Marketplace which is highlighted in a red rectangle

You’ll now see a list of all offers in the marketplace. You can filter by categories, like ‘Insurance’, ‘Banking’ and ‘Tools & Equipment' from the top left-hand menu.

RAM Tracking Marketplace homepage with the categories section highlighted with a red rectangle - categories include; RAM Tracking, Insurance, Integrations, Service, Maintenance and Repair, Fuel Cards and more

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