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Introducing RAM Tracking Messenger
Introducing RAM Tracking Messenger

How the RAM Tracking Messenger works, the faster way to get the support you need.

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The RAM Tracking Messenger is designed to help you get things done, fast.

The Messenger home screen makes it easy to get what you need, giving you the power to start conversations to raise product sales and support queries.

Customers often prefer to find their own answers with self-serve support and the RAM Tracking Messenger is the perfect place for this.

Using RAM Tracking Articles (you're reading one right now), can be found directly in the RAM Tracking Messenger. Alternatively, you can visit & browse our Help Centre ( at any time from anywhere in the world. It even works on mobile.


  • You'll will only be able to see articles that you’re permitted to view in Help Center. Don't worry, if you're a customer you can see everything.

  • The default language of your help center is English. However, our help center is localized so help content will be shown to match your browser language.

Starting a new conversation

When you visit our website or login to our solutions you will see the RAM Tracking Messenger launcher in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. When you select it, the message window will open up and you will see the 'Ask a Question' button, next to some of our team members profile images.

When a customer starts a conversation with RAM Tracking in the Messenger, you’ll be able to choose from suggested replies based on frequently asked questions. You'll can clarify why you’re getting in touch, and provide extra info without needing to wait for a response, or take up your time waiting.

A gif showing you how to send a message to us through the RAM Tracking website

Note: If out suggested replies don't match your issue, you can still write a reply in the composer.

Attaching files

You can easily attach files here too to help illustrate an issue you're having by clicking on the paper clip in the lower left of the text area. Multiple file types are supported and can be up to 40MB in size.

See past conversations

You have the ability to see all the conversations you've had with RAM Tracking in the past, too.


Within the system, we allow you to take a look at the latest updates from us allowing you to stay up to date with the most important information from RAM Tracking.

This will include feature updates between our products allowing you to understand the latest features to improve your experience.

A gif showing how to access the latest news from RAM Tracking

Using Help Center in your Messenger on our mobile apps

⚠️ If you use an older version of the RAM Tracking or RAM Assist mobile apps, you can still search the Help Center from the RAM Tracking Messenger, but your experience might not be 100% up to date with what you see on desktop or mobile browsers.

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