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RAM Tracking quick start checklist
RAM Tracking quick start checklist

Get an quick overview of RAM Tracking in 5 minutes.

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Getting started is super simple, we've created this checklist to help you better navigate the first steps on your journey to full fleet management clarity.

Learn how to access RAM Tracking's web portal.

Learn how to observe your commercial vehicles with our industry-leading live map.

Learn how to view and take action on your fleet in just a few clicks.

Learn how to visualise your drivers' journeys quickly and easily.

Learn how to navigate the RAM Tracking mobile app.

Learn how to generate valuable and actionable fleet data.

Learn how to generate reports at a pre-defined time with report schedules.

Learn how to create helpful and timely vehicle alerts.

Learn how to create, categorise, and management locations important to your business operations.

Learn how to run single and group driver behaviour reports.

Learn how to route journey breadcrumbs to help increase productivity and route optimisation.

Discover the fleet management features available with RAM Assist.

Now you're all set with RAM Tracking it's time to set up our award-winning fleet management features.

Learn how to access RAM Assist's web portal.

Learn how to add vehicles to RAM Assist.

Learn how to add drivers to RAM Assist.

Looking for how you to get started with Job Assist, our easy-to-use, job management solution.

Learn how to access Job Assist on the web.

Choose which of your drivers are able to access Job Assist.

Find out how to quickly and easily create jobs within Job Assist.

Import multiple jobs by utilising a CSV file.

Drivers can create jobs on the go from their phones.

Copy, edit, view, and more, see how to manage your created jobs.

Assign any job, to any driver, at any time.

Create a custom job sheet quickly and easily to suit your business's needs.

Drag-and-drop jobs to assign them to any job, at any time with ease.

Drivers can simply open their app and complete jobs before they leave a site.

Quick Tip: Discover the RAM Tracking messenger, the quickest way to find the answers you need.

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