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How to use Job Assist's calendar planner.
How to use Job Assist's calendar planner.

Drag-and-drop jobs with the calendar feature

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Job Assist has a calendar planner which allows you to create jobs with ease and assign them at any time.

  1. Click on 'Job Assist' and then on the 'Calendar Planner' tab. This will show you a calendar of the day, week or month for all of your drivers.

    Job Assist's Calendar Planner shown by driver, this can be drilled down between month, week and day.

2. You will have a list of any jobs that have been created but have not been scheduled.

Job Assist's Calendar Planner shows you any unscheduled jobs at the right hand side of the screen

3. These jobs can be very easily dragged and dropped onto the calendar at any time and under any of your drivers' names.

Job Assist's calendar planner shows all the drivers' a job has been scheduled and is shown as green on the calendar.

4. The time and driver you have assigned it to can also be moved and changed at any time

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