Manage jobs within Job Assist

Manage your created jobs in Job Assist

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It's easy to manage your created jobs in Job Assist.

  1. Click Job Assist you will immediately be on the 'Manage Jobs' Section. From here you can see all of the jobs you have created.

  2. Depending on your needs, you can copy, edit/view (this is based on whether the job has been completed or not), print or delete the job.

A list of jobs within Job Assist - each job has the option to copy, print and delete but scheduled jobs can be edited and completed jobs can be viewed.

3. Additionally, you can pick how you sort your information - whether you do it based on job number, who it is assigned to, the date it is due for, the status and more. This gives you control to see the information that you are interested in.

Job Assist has a list of jobs and the headers have been highlighted, this includes Job Number, Job Name, Client Name, Assigned to, Status, etc.

4. You can alternatively use search filters to find what you're looking for.

Job Assist's Manage job page, the "search filters" button is highlighted to give additional search options such as status, driver, period of time, etc.

5. Refresh the jobs, import jobs and even create new jobs from this page.

Within Manage Jobs the "refresh jobs" "import jobs" and "add new job" buttons have all been highlighted

This all lets you manage jobs with ease.

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