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How drivers complete jobs in Job Assist
How drivers complete jobs in Job Assist

How to complete jobs to remove it from your job list.

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  1. Go into Jobs on your RAM Assist mobile app

RAM Assist on an iPhone - Jobs is highlighted as that is how you enter Job Assist

2. Click on the job that you have just completed

Job Assist on an iPhone showing a driver needs to complete a delivery to a local office.

3. Press on 'Complete Job' at the bottom of the screen

iPhone showing job information for the delivery to local office - this includes Job Description, Address, Postcode and the Job Name as well as the time they have allotted for the job

4. Fill out information such as 'Customer Name', 'Customer Signature' and 'Image Attachments' as well as any relevant notes and click submit.

An iPhone showing how to fill out a job report - this includes information such as "Customer Name", "Signature" and "Images" which can then be submitted

5. This job will now be removed from your list.

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