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How to monitor & improve driver behaviour
How to monitor & improve driver behaviour

Learn how to run single and group driver behaviour reports.

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Driver Behaviour reports show comparative scores for you drivers based on their excessive speeding, harsh braking, harsh accelerating & idling events.

To create a report:

  • Open up History Reports.

  • Select the Group Reports button.

  • Tick the drivers you want the report on (a minimum of 2 must be selected).

  • Edit the date range - up to a month at a time can be selected.

  • Fill out the One-Time Email Address (or tick the contacts already listed).

  • Press the Driver Behaviour report Button.

It will then be emailed out instantly and the recipients have a week to open the hyperlink containing the report (otherwise the link will go dead).


The scores are calculated by adding up all the events and dividing the result by the time listed in hours (in the penultimate column).

This is then presented in the final column & a good score is 2 points an hour or less, whereas a poor score is 6 or higher (as long as more than 10 hours driving has been recorded).

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