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How to automate reports with scheduled reporting
How to automate reports with scheduled reporting

Learn how to generate reports at a pre-defined timed with report schedules.

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An image showing Summary Travel Reports being set up and on the right the drivers that are being selected to run the report on.


You can schedule reports to run automatically at regular intervals. Emails are sent to selected recipients with a link to the report.

By default our reports open in PDF (Unless otherwise specified).

To schedule a report, follow these steps:

  1. From the navigation bar, click RAM Evolution.

  2. Select Scheduled Reporting.

  3. Then choose the vehicles/drivers you'd like to schedule a report by using the checkboxes on the right of the screen.

  4. Select Add New Schedule.

  5. Here you can determine the Name, Report Type, Report Period, and Email Recipients.

  6. Click Add this schedule to save the report schedule.

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