A user location (Geofence) provides clarity to your users, assign recognisable names to important locations on the map to offer a bespoke and insightful experience while viewing your drivers journey history - whether on reports, timeline, alerts and much more.

This article covers the following topics:

Adding user locations quickly and easily

Live Map: Quickly and easily add user locations directly from the live map.

To add a user locations via the live map, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the User Locations button (to open a panel to the left of the map).

  2. Right click on a desired location to bring up the "New User Location" house.

  3. Fill out the "Location Name" in the panel.

  4. Click "Add" & then "Save" at the bottom of the panel to store it in your database.

Note: From this method you can setup further bespoke features i.e. email alerts for ignition or Idling events. The Alerts tab will also allow you to configure the emails for entries or exit from this location too.

Map Search: Quickly and easily add user locations using the map search feature.

To add a user locations using map search, follow these steps:

  1. From the Map Search tab in the navigation bar, click Postcode Search.

  2. Enter the Postcode & click Search

  3. Click Add this Point & rename it.

  4. Set the Radius (capture area) & click Add to save it in the database.

Note: You can also set up alerts via additional tabs within the user location module on the left hand side of the screen find out more here.

Adding user locations via the interactive report

This is found in RAM Evolution (or by right clicking on the vehicle in the Grid) and will build out the history for the vehicle selected over the last week by default. Simply left click on an event (that's not already been labelled as a User location i.e. in bold) & select "Add this Location" to name & set the radius for it.

Adding user locations via the timeline feature

This is also found in RAM Evolution (or by right clicking on the vehicle in the Grid) and will allow you to add a location at any start or stop point from the vehicles history that day. Simply hover over the timeline at the point the vehicle was onsite and a pop-up will appear that allows you to "Add this Point" (if its not already a User location).

For more information on using user location within the RAM Tracking mobile app visit our helpful mobile app article collection

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