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How to set up alerts to be notified of important events
How to set up alerts to be notified of important events

Learn how to create helpful and timely vehicle alerts.

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Alerts give you real-time notifications of important events related to drivers and vehicles. These events can range from a harsh driving incident, such as hard braking, to a notification about a late start.

Notifications can be received on-screen in RAM Tracking, on the RAM Tracking app, by email, and by push notification message.

This article covers the following topics:

Creating an alert

The Email Alerts are setup from within RAM Evolutions' Email Alerts Tab:

  • In the top right of the pop-up window you select the Vehicle and then the alert type from the drop down lists. Once you have selected them click Add.

  • This creates a pre-set template for you to edit and activate by adding up to 3 email addresses.

  • Click Save once you have set the relevant parameters to ensure the alerts are triggered as per your requirements.

Vehicle monitoring tab

Certain Alerts require bespoke parameters to be chosen by you. These alert types can be found in the vehicle monitoring tab and require either times to be set in minutes or distances to be set in miles.

To create these alerts:

  • 1st fill out the relevant fields in the Vehicle Monitoring tab.

  • Then click save & open the email alerts tab.

  • Follow the steps in the above section relating to creating an alert but choose the relevant event type.

Note: The common reasons for setting these alerts up are:

  • Extended Idles - Will notify you if a driver is running behind schedule due to traffic or because he is stuck outside a site entrance.

  • Fatigue - Can alert you if a driver has been driving for too long (as the law states he should take a break every 4.5Hrs)

  • Extended Stops - Will allow you to see if the driver has been stopped onsite or on a break for too long.

  • Private Mileage - Will tell you if they have driven more than the designated distance in either a day, week or Month outside of their working hours.

Curfew Hours

Allows you to be emailed if the driver uses the vehicle inside or outside the designate hours chosen:

  • Click on the RAM Evolution tab.

  • Select the Curfew Hours button.

  • Edit the parameters within each vehicles daily list.

  • Click the Save button (which appears once an email address is entered).

Note: The Curfew Hours alerts will send multiple alerts for every driving event registered & is therefore designed for Plant Machinery, as that is more likely to be towed away.

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