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How to watch video recordings in RAM Live
How to watch video recordings in RAM Live

You can watch videos in RAM Live on your desktop computer or on your mobile browser.

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The events section on RAM Live showing the front dash cam, the cockpit dashcam, the google street view and where they are on the RAM Tracking map.

When a video of a harsh driving event is available, you will:

  • See it in the Events.

  • See a list of triggered clips in the table. Click the row to see more details pop up. Then you can:

    • Watch the video in RAM Live by clicking the thumbnail preview.

    • Watch in clip alongside the GPS location details and analysis closer using the map tools.

  • Receive a video alert notifying you when a video of a harsh driving event is classified as Severe, Moderate, or Mild.

You can update your video alert settings to suit your preference.

Events features

Once a video is clicked, videos play automatically. The video footage is accompanied by:

  • An analysis including triggers and detected events.

  • Overhead map view & street view

  • Front facing & driver facing footage

  • The time and location of the incident.

  • Driver details (if assigned) and vehicle details.

  • A video download & picture in picture option.

Watch and manage videos in your mobile browser. You can access the web app with your RAM Live credentials.

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