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How to request videos in RAM Live (video on demand)
How to request videos in RAM Live (video on demand)

Learn more about requesting videos from RAM Live.

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With video on demand, you can search RAM Live cameras for videos that do not appear in the Events tab. If the video is still on the camera's SD card, you can download a 20-second video.

Videos are deleted from RAM Live cloud servers after 90 days.

Video from the driver camera and the road camera in the vehicle, will be retrieved separately, although you can choose to request both pieces of footage.

To request a video, follow these steps:

  1. On the Vehicles tab.

  2. Select the vehicle. If the camera status is ‘online’, you can search for videos. If the camera status is ‘offline’, you cannot continue your search. To get the camera online, turn the vehicle’s ignition on.

  3. Select the date range (today is set by default).

  4. The journey map will then display. Hover over the journey markers to see the time.

  5. Select the marker you believe the incident occurred and click Request video.

    A gif showing how to collect dashcam footage from a vehicle through RAM Live

    You can only request video recordings when the camera is on and the vehicle has good network coverage. Switch the vehicle on to start the camera.

    It can take between 30-120 seconds for the video to be received depending on network coverage.

  6. When the video is ready to watch, you'll receive an email notification.

  7. Click the notification to watch the video to go to the Events tab. The requested video is added to the list with the Video on demand tag.

Can’t find videos in video on demand?

If you still can’t find the video you want, consider whether any of the following apply:

  • The camera may not be recording.

  • The camera may have been damaged during a collision.

  • The SD card may be corrupted and need reformatting.

  • The SD card may have overwritten the footage, Depending on the card’s capacity, SD cards hold a limited amount footage (or ‘driving time’) which is then recorded over as usage continues.

If you suspect a collision has occurred and a video was not triggered in RAM Tracking, download footage from your SD card as soon as possible.

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