How to download SD card videos

Download videos from your SD card.

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Download videos from your SD card to your device so you can:

  • View videos that are not available in RAM Live

  • Share videos for insurance purposes

  • Get videos from a broken camera

  • Clear space on your SD card

Before you begin...

You will need:

  • A security key (provided with camera).

  • A computer with an integrated SD card reader or with an external SD card reader attached.

Remove the SD card from the camera

To remove the SD card from the camera:

  • Turn off the ignition of the vehicle that is connected to the camera.

  • Unlock the security cover using the key provided with the camera.

  • Press the current SD card to remove it from the camera.

Export/Save a video to use later

To save a video as an MP4 for later use:

  1. Insert the SD card into the SD card reader attached to your computer.
    (It can take a few moments for the computer to recognise and display the contents of the SD card).

  2. Right click on the file and click Save As.

  3. Choose a location to save the file or save the file to the default location.

  4. Enter a file name or use the default name.

  5. To save the selected footage as an MP4 file, click Save.

Re-insert the SD card into the camera

  • Once the video is successfully retrieved, remove the SD card from the SD card reader.

  • Insert the SD card back into the SD slot on the camera.

  • Replace the security cover and lock with the key.

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