How to replace camera SD cards

Replace SD cards from your dash cams.

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You need to get the SD card from your camera so that you can:

You can put the same SD card back in the camera or replace it with a new SD card that has more storage capacity. SD cards for cameras require specific formatting and must be purchased from RAM Tracking.

Once an SD card is removed from the camera; you cannot request any videos still stored on the card through the RAM Live video on demand feature.

Replacing an SD card

To remove the SD card:

  1. Turn off the ignition of the vehicle that is connected to the camera.

  2. The SD card can be found behind a panel on the of the camera. Unlock the security cover using the security key provided with the camera.

  3. Remove the card from the camera by pressing down gently on the card once - it will pop out.

  4. Insert the new SD card back into the SD slot on the camera.

  5. Replace the security cover and lock with the key.

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