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How to search for videos in RAM Live
How to search for videos in RAM Live

Find video footage in RAM Live quickly and easily.

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Use the filters in Events to find videos triggered by harsh driving events.

By default, Events only displays videos from today.

RAM Live web-app events screen - a red square and red arrow highlights the date, event type and severity as well as the licence of the vehicles.

You can filter by:

  • Vehicle reg

  • Date range

  • Severity. These are:

    • Severe

    • Moderate

    • Mild

    • Video on demand (videos requested using Journeys)

  • Type of events. These are:

    • Braking

    • Impact

    • Acceleration

    • Cornering

    • Bump

Once you have chosen your filters, the table below will update in real time.

Can’t find a video?

If you can’t find a video in the list, select Vehicles > Reg of your choice to select any point within the last 250 hours of driving time to pull that footage from the camera’s SD card and request a video. We’ll access the SD card remotely and email you a video link.

A gif of a video within RAM Live showing you how to request the dashcam video from a vehicle at a certain point of the journey.

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