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How to download videos from RAM Live
How to download videos from RAM Live

Quickly and easily download dash cam footage to your device remotely.

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You can download videos to your computer if you want to view or share them.

How to download videos from RAM Live

  1. Open the video from the Events, Vehicles or alert notification.

  2. Click the icon

  3. Select Download.
    The video file (MP4) downloads to your computer.

a gif showing how to download videos through RAM Live - by clicking the three dots and clicking download

How to merge two (or more) videos together and compress for email

  • If you choose Separate files, right click and select Compress

  • This will create a separate file containing multiple files at a significantly less file size, this is ideal if your sending footage as proof of FNOL to your insurers.

Please note: The same process can do carried out on a mobile web browsers allowing you to save footage directly to your mobile device for offline use.

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