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How to navigate the video gallery in RAM Live
How to navigate the video gallery in RAM Live

Quickly and easily search and view stored historical dash cam footage.

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How to view historical footage in the video gallery

  1. The video Gallery allows you to quickly access the videos that have been requested and downloaded to your account.

  2. Simply click on the Video Gallery icon and it will bring up the last months videos (by default) that have been requested and are available to view for your fleet:

RAM Live Video Gallery - 8 dash cam videos available to be watched at any time.

3. You can amend the date range, or the vehicle list, by using the controls at the top of the page (along with the vehicle selections too):

A filter list within RAM Live - we're looking for videos between 19th September and 19th October for the vehicle licence TS20 VLM

4. When you click on the video you wish to view, it splits the screen, allowing you to see the list view of the vehicles on the left, and the videos (in-cab and forward facing) on the right:

A video has been clicked within RAM Live showing you the front facing and cockpit camera as well as the Google Street View and RAM Tracking Map of where they were.

5. Simply click play on the video you want to view and make it full screen to easily see what took place.

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