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How to monitor your entire fleet from anywhere at anytime
How to monitor your entire fleet from anywhere at anytime

Learn how to navigate the RAM Tracking mobile app.

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RAM Tracking is our simple-to-use vehicle tracking system, and it's available on your phone so you can get important updates on your vehicle wherever you are!

Vehicle List

Upon opening the RAM Tracking app you will see a list of your vehicles showing important quick-time information:

  • Location

  • Name

  • Group (If they are part of a group you have made)

  • Ignition status

  • Quality of their GPS connection

This allows you to click on one of them to gain more information.

Vehicle details

By clicking on one of the vehicles blocks, you will be taken to a live map showing the current location of the vehicle. It will then show you the same information as before. However, from here there are a few different things that you can do:


Create a LiveShare for this vehicle where you can then send the link off to a customer so they can track the driver that is going to arrive onsite. This ensures that customers don't need to call the office to find out the driver's location.


Click this it will take you to your maps and you can get directions to the driver from any location. This can help in aiding them to get onsite if they are struggling and much more.

Route Replay

See the route that they took on a certain day including showing their speed, this allows you to understand if they frequently speed and can help in proactively optimising their driving routes to save time and money.

Vehicle Reports

You can choose the dates to run various reports for this vehicle. These reports include; travel, private, business, stop, idle, summary, green, power take-off and detailed. Allowing you to get a range of actionable information.

Find Nearest

This allows you to see your list of vehicles showing which are closest to the vehicle. This will let them provide support or take over the job should someone's vehicle break down.

Save Location

This creates a vehicle location and you can choose the radius that is set for later use.

Access Connected Camera

If a driver has a RAM Live connected camera in their vehicle, you can access the connected camera and get live footage.

Top Bar Navigation


In the top left of your screen there is a button that looks like an unfolded map:

This allows you to open up the live map instantly seeing where all of your vehicles currently are.

Nearest Vehicle

You can quickly find the nearest vehicle by clicking on the location icon:

This allows you to go off of your current location or you can use a customer's postcode to find the nearest vehicle to them, this can help to ensure that if a driver's car breaks down or they get in an accident, you can support them and send the nearest driver to the destination to the location.

Vehicle Search

You can quickly search for one of your vehicles by clicking on the magnifying glass:

This allows you to speed up the process and you can search by registration, driver or location. Very useful for businesses with a high volume of tracked vehicles.


Click on the icon that looks like a person in the top right corner:

This will take you to another screen where you can look at other aspects:

  • Our products

  • Help & Support

  • App

  • Logout

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