RAM Tracking mobile app overview

Overview of RAM Tracking app for iOS and Android devices.

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RAM Tracking's app allows you to quickly see your drivers and vehicles information when away from the office or PC.

This article covers the following topics:

Home Screen

The main screen shows all the vehicles listed and allows you to:

  • Access the map directly from the top left {Map Icon}

  • Find the nearest Vehicle from the {arrow icon}

  • Search for a particular vehicle in list below by Reg, Driver or Location.

  • Filter the view by Driver, Registration or Last Event (if you expand the Filter).

    Note: You can also filter by Group or Event type (which is especially useful in larger fleets) & even show just the Driving or Stopped vehicles if required.

  • Access the Account Details & contact support or logout from the {Man Icon}

Live Map

Vehicle Details

You can access the vehicle details from pressing on a specific vehicle and it will then show you an individual overview of the vehicles location on a map as well as presenting the location of the last known event in the box too. Note: it lists all the details for every vehicle on the main page but does not present them on the map.

Route Replay

The Route Replay will allow you to view the breadcrumbs of a single journey on the map once you have selected the date range and pressed the blue highlighted journey. Note: The dates need to be within 14 days of each other to allow the search to run but you can go back up to 3 years.

Vehicle Reports

There are up to 9 reports available on the app (if you have the relevant hardware fitted i.e. PTO's) or parameters setup in the main portal e.g. Business Hours:

  • Travel

  • Private

  • Business

  • Stop

  • Idle

  • Summary

  • Green

  • Power Take Off (PTO)

  • Detailed

Note: The dates need to be within either 31 or 14 days of each other (depending on the type of report) to allow the report to generate, but you can go back up to 3 years.

Find Nearest

Save Location

Call Driver

Text Driver

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