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How to create a custom job sheet in Job Assist
How to create a custom job sheet in Job Assist

Custom templates help you give out relevant information to your drivers

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Custom job sheets are an easy way of ensuring that your drivers are given the relevant information when they are carrying out a job.

  1. Go into 'Job Assist' and click on Custom Templates

  2. Drag-and-drop any of your created 'Custom Fields' or if you don't have any custom fields, you can create custom fields to suit your needs.

    Job Assist web-app within the create a custom template section - it shows the various fields in your current template. The Create Custom Fields button has been highlighted with a red square.

  3. Add the field name, what type of field it is and if you want it to have a default value. Click 'Save Fields'

    Adding template fields - we are adding "boiler manufacturer" and want it to be a text box without a default value

  4. These new custom fields can now be used in any of the custom templates that you create in the future. You can tick them to ensure that they are required fields as well.

    The new

  5. You can also Manage any of your templates that you have already made within 'Manage Templates' allowing you to copy, edit and delete the template. You can also download the .CSV file associated with the template.

    Job Assist Manage templates section showing off the fact the new boiler manufacturer template is ready for use at any time - this is highlighted by a red square.

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