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How to import multiple jobs at once in Job Assist
How to import multiple jobs at once in Job Assist

Take a csv file and use it to mass import jobs

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Importing numerous jobs at once can be made easy.

  1. Go to 'Custom Templates' and then 'Manage Templates' and 'download CSV' of the template you want to use.

In Custom Templates in Job Assist within manage templates download CSV is highlighted red and has a red arrow pointing at it

2. Fill out the information on your CSV file regarding as many jobs as you want to add at one time.

Pro Tip: To avoid any issues when importing, ensure that you keep the Item, TemplateName and TemplateID the same or else you will not be able to import.

An Excel document with all of the information filled out for three different jobs including template name, job name and description, client name, address and postcode

Pro Tip: Ensure that in front of the phone number you add an apostrophe (') in front of the 0 that starts off the phone number.

3. Go to 'Manage Jobs' and 'Import Jobs' and 'Choose File'

Within Manage Jobs in Job Assist the "import jobs" button is highlighted with a red rectangle and a red arrow pointing at it.

Once you have chosen your file you will see a message telling you it has successfully imported and you will receive an email when the jobs have been imported.

The list of jobs within job assist has the CSV imported jobs added to it, these jobs have a red rectangle around them

5. Assign the jobs as you regularly would.

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