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How to view powerful fleet data with powerful pre-built reports
How to view powerful fleet data with powerful pre-built reports

Learn how to generate valuable and actionable fleet data.

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You can use reports to monitor fleet performance and driver behaviour. With many available report types, you can view detailed feedback on events such as idling time, speeding events, unauthorised stops and travel distances. You can also view financial information and fuel insights.

Information gathered in reports can help you identify patterns to:

  • Improve driver behaviour.

  • Increase the safety of drivers and vehicles.

  • Reduce costs and increase return on investment.

  • Optimise fleet performance.

You can print reports or download reports as a PDF, CSV, Word or HTML. You can also view reports on your mobile device.

Run a report

To generate a report, follow these steps:

  1. From the History Reports tab in the navigation bar, click the vehicle/driver name in the list on the left of the screen.

  2. Choose the Report Type you want to look into.

  3. To run a report, then click on the report name of your choice.

Find a report

Use the navigation bar to navigate to History Report to discover all reports.

Preview report description

Hover on report types to view a brief description of what you can expect to find within the report.

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