Benefits of vehicle tracking for drivers

There are many benefits RAM Tracking can provide to your employees.

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Vehicle tracking is often seen as a tool for employers to spy on their employees, although the vast majority of our customers use it to improve productivity of their businesses activities and ensure the safety and continuity of their fleet & workforce.

We've created a template letter 'Employee 'Introduction to vehicle tracking' letter template' take a look here.

In reality, it is very different and there are many benefits to the driver of this system being implemented, here are some examples;

  • Increased driver protection through drivers having more awareness of their speed. This protects both the driver and your business from inaccurate claims such as a falsely issued speeding ticket.

  • Heightened security for the vehicle and its contents, greatly increasing the chance of a stolen vehicle being recovered and the criminals apprehended.

  • Maximised time efficiency through time-saving features, such as automated and accurate readings for hours on-site and mileage. This reduces the time your team need to spend on chasing paperwork.

  • Improved customer satisfaction by enabling you to provide your clients with accurate arrival times, speed up your responses to queries and inform clients when a driver could be delayed.

  • A number of RAM Tracking customers have introduced incentive schemes to encourage their team to work more efficiently, leading to increased morale and a better working environment.

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