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Learn how SJI Transport benefits from RAM Tracking.

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"The RAM Tracking app is a nifty piece of kit"

Established in 2014, SJI Transport is a road haulage company based in West Yorkshire. After an interesting experience they encountered when hiring a vehicle for their own business. Owner Sarah Rotherforth shares why she invested in RAM and how vehicle tracking is essential for any vehicle hire business out there. SJI Transport have recently invested in RAM Tracking for 7 of their vehicles.

Blue SJI Transport lorry with cargo on the road

"I loved the visibility of seeing exactly where my vehicle was."

Sarah explains; “I hired a truck from another company that already had RAM Tracking installed. As part of their service to us their manager encouraged me to download the free RAM mobile phone app, so that I could see the whereabouts of the lorry. I had never seen this before and found the app and the information it offered really easy to understand. I loved the visibility of seeing exactly where my vehicle was. On one occasion, my driver, in the tracked vehicle, was running late. I called him to see if there was a problem; he said he was stuck in traffic. At first, I didn’t think anything of it, until I remembered I had the RAM Tracking app on my phone. I checked to see his whereabouts, only to find that he was sat in a layby!

"I can keep track of my vehicles wherever they're going."

The RAM app is a nifty bit of kit, I can keep track of my vehicles wherever they’re going. I now offer the free RAM Tracking app as an additional service for my own business, I found it so useful that it was a no brainer to offer to my customers, the easy download means they can do it by themselves, so they have 100% visibility and peace of mind, just like I did”

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