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Issues with connecting your ELD to a vehicle
Issues with connecting your ELD to a vehicle

Tasks that you can perform if your device has problems connecting to the vehicle

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Most of these issues are caused by problems with your Bluetooth connection. If none of these steps resolve your connection problem, please contact support.

Follow these steps in the order provided to resolve connectivity issues with your vehicle:

Ensure you are close to your vehicle

You need to be close enough to your vehicle so that you can establish a Bluetooth connection with the vehicle tracking unit. Try moving closer to your vehicle.

Ensure your vehicle’s ignition is on

Ensure that your vehicle’s ignition is on while you are troubleshooting the connection between your mobile device and your vehicle.

Check that Bluetooth is enabled on your mobile device

From your mobile device’s home screen, select Settings. Check that the Bluetooth setting is on. If not, tap the toggle next to the Bluetooth setting to turn it on.

Restart your mobile device

Sometimes, a restart of your mobile device can solve a problem that you are experiencing. To do this, hold down the power button for a few seconds and follow the instructions to restart your device.

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