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Details of important information helpful to AMS customers been migrated.

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As we migrate AMS customer to the RAM Tracking system, there's some important information you may want o review.



Vehicle Settings

RAM Tracking doesn’t store MPG, Engine Size, Body Type, Chassis Number, Year of Manufacturer, these values won’t be imported.


In RAM tracking locations will be imported as the polygon centre point with a radius around the point to produce a circle that would cover the area of the existing polygon. In most circumstances where the AMS Waypoint share wasn’t circular this will increase the area by a small amount but where the AMS Waypoint polygon was irregular it could create a RAM Waypoint with a significantly different area.

Driver Vehicle Type

Licence expiry dates and reminders will not be copied over to RAM Tracking.

AMS Depots Permissions

Users with permissions to AMS Depots will get the permission for the relevant Access Group.

AMS Division Permissions

User permissions per Depot (Division) will need considering where the account has users with access to individual depots rather than all depots.

AMS Access Groups

In RAM Tracking, access groups will be created per Division (AMS Depot) automatically so that users can be assigned to them automatically in the next step.

User Report Access

User Report Access is not going to be migrated. If you have restrictive permissions on individual reports you would need to set this up again.

Email Addresses

RAM Tracking allows 3 default email addresses. We can only import 1 from the Customer Account information in AMS. To check these details please look under General Settings in RAM Tracking.

User Accounts

Where we don’t have a unique email (because they’re not unique in AMS or they match an existing user in RAM) will be imported with a null email which means they won’t be emailed a password automatically.

Scheduled privacy hours

RAM doesn’t have the concept of scheduled privacy hours so this data hasn’t been imported.

Working Hours

Working hours have been imported from AMS into the Working Hours for Vehicles in RAM but there is just a general Weekday Start/Stop rather than Mon-Fri start/stop so we have used the Monday start/stop value to populate the weekday start/stop. Saturday and Sunday working hours have been mapped across.

Working Hours

Working Hours have been imported from AMS into Curfew Hours in RAM Evolution as this feature allows settings for each day. No notifications have been configured but can be enabled within the RAM platform.

User Accounts

User Accounts will be imported as enable but the account will be imported as disabled for security reasons until the migration is complete.

Asset Alerts

Asset alerts will not be imported as the RAM system is configured differently. We should create some instructions on how to setup alerts.


Not copied as RAM doesn’t support this info

API Customers

Customers using any of the AMS APIs will need to plan for a hard migration to the RAM Tracking API before we remove the functionality in AMS/Azure. There is no migration path for this - the customer would need to update their integration.

Disabled Users

Disabled User accounts will not be imported

Vehicle Registrations

Vehicle registrations in RAM are a unique field so some Registrations may be updated from the value store in AMS during the import process to ensure they are unique across the whole RAM system.

Driver tags

Existing Driver tags will be imported if they are assigned to a driver. Driver tags that are held in stock will not be imported to RAM

Working hours for vehicles will be imported into RAM.

The first vehicle with working hours will be used to set the account working hours OR if there are no asset working hours set we will use 9-5 Monday to Friday as the default.

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