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Dear [Employee],

As you are aware, your vehicle is fitted with a tracking device. This device gathers, in real time, a range of accurate data. The data relates to matters such as date and time of vehicle use, location, distance covered, current and average speed, idling time and so on.

An analysis of the data generated by the tracking device fitted to your vehicle cannot be reconciled with the time sheets submitted by you. Having discussed this with you your explanation for the discrepancy was [that this was a mistake/ an oversight/ an error on your part]

On this occasion, we do not propose to take formal disciplinary action. However, a record of the fact that you have received this informal warning will be placed on your personnel file and this informal warning will remain live for a period of [Number of months]. The fact that you have received this informal warning will be relevant if at any time in the future we identify a breach by you of the rules applicable to the use of your vehicle.

Yours Sincerely



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