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How to install the RAM Live connected dash cam
How to install the RAM Live connected dash cam
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What's in the box

  • 1 x Camera

  • 1 x Power adaptor

  • 1 x SD card

  • 2 x 3M VHB adhesive pads

  • 5 x Cable ties

  • 5 x Cable tie mounts

  • 2 x Alcohol wipes

  • Security cover

  • Key

What tools you’ll need

  • Supplied key

A diagram of the inside of a car with highlighted elements GPS (blue), 4G (Green), DVR (Yellow) and Camera (Red)

Micro DVR and antenna installation

  • Install DVR behind the dashboard near the fuse board, secure using cable ties.

  • Ensure DVR mounting is solid and vibration free.

  • The DVR can be orientated in any direction and will calibrate automatically.

  • The DVR does not need to be accessible to the customer or driver.

  • Position antennas min 30cm from existing display screens and other electronic devices.

  • The GPS antenna must face the sky and be unobstructed by metallic surfaces.

  • Secure the 4G antenna in the corner of the windscreen using the included 3M pad.

Windscreen-mounted front/dual camera installation

  • Always mount the camera at the top of the windscreen to the right of the mirror.

  • Where a driver camera is included ensure its view is not obstructed.

  • Take care to avoid etched or tinted screen surround, only position on clear glass.

  • Angle the lens down by approx. 10 degrees and secure using a hex grub screw.

  • Heat or cool the windscreen with blowers to avoid extremes of temperature for the sticky pads.

  • Thoroughly clean the screen with an alcohol wipe before applying 3M sticky pads.

Wiring diagram

A diagram of the wiring for the Pro-Live Hub-2CN4H

DVR status indicators

DVR Label

LED Status




Device running



SD card recording



3G/4G network connected



GPS location locked

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