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Live location updates with LiveShare
Live location updates with LiveShare

One link provides current location updates for customers

Updated over a week ago

RAM Tracking are happy to announce we now offer LiveShare - but what is LiveShare?

LiveShare allows you to provide your customers with a link that gives them live updates on the current location of the driver that is going to their site. Rather than them having to get in touch with you to find out the current location of the driver, you can see exactly where they are so your customers can get a rough ETA on how long it will be before they are with them.

So, how do you set this up?

First, from the RAM Tracking web app, go into "RAM Evolution".

RAM Tracking web-app with RAM Evolution highlighted in orange and with a red square

Next, go into "LiveShare".

RAM Tracking web app navigation bar has LiveShare highlighted in a red square

To set up a new link, just click "Create a new LiveShare", and fill in the information on the form.

RAM Tracking web-app LiveShare popup has "Create a new LiveShare" highlighted in red - There is a list of 4 vehicles to choose from.

This includes the vehicle you want to track, the day(s) that you want this vehicle's LiveShare link to be active if it is an all-day link and an expiry date (if this is appropriate).

From there you can click on "link" next to the correct vehicle, you will then see it on the map.

LiveShare map link showing you where the vehicle is - shown by a white arrow within a green circle

This link can then be shared with your customers so they can understand the driver's location and get an accurate ETA for when they will arrive.

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