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August 2021 product updates
August 2021 product updates

Check our updates to RAM Tracking, RAM Assist & RAM Live

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Welcome to the August edition of RAM Tracking updates. This month we talk about our RAM Assist update which now now offers vehicle check image capture and the new vehicle journey feature for RAM Live. Plus we give you an advanced look at the vehicle grouping feature enhancement coming to live map. Read on to discover more.

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Vehicle check image capture

Your drivers can now submit vehicle check images alongside vehicle check defects allowing you to better analyse your fleets maintenance requirements, forwarding the images to relevant departments or 3rd party garages without having to wait for the vehicle to return.

RAM Assist app with the Vehicle Check being carried out on an iPhone on the left - on the right is the vehicle check history.
Vehicle Check History within the web-app. An image which has been taken during the vehicle check is highlighted with a red square and red arrow.

RAM Live vehicle journeys

You can now view your vehicles step by step journeys and submit a request for video footage available on your SD card, receive an email within minutes to view the video remotely. Discover more here.

A short gif showing how to get the dash cam footage from RAM Live

Live map vehicle grouping

We have enabled the vehicle grouping feature on the live map for the RAM Tracking mobile app to help improve the overall performance of the live map and reduce visual clutter.

RAM Tracking app shows the vehicle grouping feature reducing high tracked vehicle locations down to the number of vehicles in each location.

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