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Change Asset Registrations
Change Asset Registrations
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RAM Tracking


Change Asset Registrations

Applies to

Customer Admins

If you have the Customer Admin permission you can change the registration of a vehicle on RAM Tracking by opening the Vehicle menu and then Vehicle Settings:

From this window you can then access the Change Registration button

You then get to choose from the following options:



Setting up a vehicle for the first time

If you're adding the vehicle to your account for the first time and need to change the registration

Tracker has moved to a new vehicle

A new vehicle will be created and the tracker will be migrated to the new vehicle. The old vehicle will remain in the system along with any historical data that belonged to it

Vehicle registration has changed

If you've changed the registration on a vehicle and you want to keep the history with the same vehicle

Once you've completed this step you can press 'Change Registration' and the system will make the necessary updates.

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