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How to watch Nextbase™ 380GW SD card videos
How to watch Nextbase™ 380GW SD card videos
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To be able to view footage from the Nextbase 380GW dash cam you need to download the Nextbase Cam Viewer app.

When the app has been downloaded you need to connect the Nextbase 380GW dash cam to mobile app, to do this follow these steps;

  • Ensure the ignition is engaged to at least 1 key turn so the camera is online

  • Press the blue Wi-Fi button on the camera and hold for 2-3 seconds until the button flashes on

  • Select connect to camera from the next base cam viewer app

  • Once you have found the network NEXTBASE380GW, it will ask you for your Wi-Fi password (this is supplied on the business card within the welcome pack).

To find out more take a look at the Nextbase user manual.

Once connected you'll be able to view, analysis and export dash cam footage directly to your mobile device.

Nextbase video and stats within an app on an iPhone

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