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How to requested a summarised group report
How to requested a summarised group report

Get group reports sent straight to your (or any assigned) inbox with this easy step-by-step guide.

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Assuming you have not set up any default emails in the system (skip to 5. otherwise) an easy way to save time is to add (up to 3) of the most likely colleagues for reports sent to your inboxes:

  1. Find the face icon in the top right of the screen and then click on 2. 'General Settings'

3. Add the three most heavy users as a default who are likely to use or want reports the most and 4. click save. You can also send reports to anyone but this saves time for regular updates.

5. Click on 'History Reports' at the top of the interface.

6. Then click on 6. Group Reports which brings up:

7. the drivers which you can select via the ticks on the left hand side which then highlight in orange or click a specific group via the dropdown above that column.

8. Select the report after choosing the dates and format you want the report in above the report boxes.

9. This is where you will find the pre-loaded favourite three emails to select who receives the report or add a specific email (highlighted at the bottom).

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