January 2023 - Job Assist updates
Updated over a week ago

We want Job Assist to be a solution that provides you with the benefits that you need whilst also ensuring ease of use, that's why we have brought 2 new features to Job Assist!

Firstly, we have made it so that postcodes and phone numbers are clickable within the mobile app. Phone numbers being clickable within the app allows you to click to dial, quickly and easily. Get in touch with your drivers instantly to relay important information in seconds.

Secondly we have extended the length of time that a job for a driver can be scheduled for in the mobile app it has been increased to 1.5 days, this allows you to cover the correct amount of time that a job is scheduled for, this should ensure that your employees understand exactly how long they will need to be onsite for whilst also making sure that you can see that you can't add in any more jobs until that one has been completed.

We hope that this will provide you with greater ease of use and adding important features that will be used frequently.

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